Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this page is to provide information on frequent questions or concerns.

What does the Quality Rating mean?

Our fabric quality rating is used to tell customers how nice a fabric is compared to others in our store. Each star rating has its own qualifications.

One Star

  • Quality: 1.0 out of 5 stars
  • A one star quality rating is the lowest possible rating we give to any item in our store. Often these items are made of cotton, are t-shirts, or designer prints. These items are great for casual or everyday wear. They are not ideal to compare to our designer lines. This is mostly reserved for children's clothing.

    Two Star

  • Quality: 2.0 out of 5 stars
  • The two star quality rating is set for items made of cotton or polyester for daily use. They are often the lower-end women's clothing or active gear. Some custom designed shirts with lower quality sewing or discount goods may fit in this category.

    Three Star

  • Quality: 3.0 out of 5 stars
  • Three star quality items are average items. These items are likely every-day high-end baby footsie outfits, simple skirts, or basic work accessories.

    Four Star

  • Quality: 4.0 out of 5 stars
  • Four star items are well made items. They are just below designer or custom quality goods.

    Five Star

  • Quality: 5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Five star items are reserved for our higher-end products. This is reserved for leather, silk, luxury items, designer clothing and accessories.

    Can I ship to a PO Box?

    Yes, we can ship most items to a P.O. Box. You will receive a message if the item is not available to ship to a PO Box.

    Can I ship an order to an APO/FPO address?

    We can ship to APO/FPO addresses for an additional $15. Please follow this example:

    Name: PO3 Henry Walters
    Address: Army Division SCT 1
    Address: Wisc. BB3
    Zip Code: 12345
    City: FPO or APO
    State: AA or AE

    How do I update my shipping address?

    By default, the address you used to setup your account with your first purchase will be used for your store account. When checking out, your default shipping address will be displayed if you are logged in. You can amend it at that time or you can update your address by logging in and visiting My Account. Then click View Address. From there you can add, edit, or delete addresses. Please note that if you've already made an order and need item(s) shipped to a different address you should contact support immediately at help@littleladyagency.com

    What are your shipping policies?

    Please visit our policies page for more information.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do. Please read our policies page for more information. All international sales are final.

    How do I find my size?

    Every product page has a set of tabs under the images and checkout choices. If a size chart is available for the item you are interested in, it will be listed under the size chart tab.

    Do you offer Plus sizing

    Yes! If the item you are looking at is available in plus size it will be listed as XX+ or plus size. We will also tag the items for easy searching.

    Do you offer petite sizing?

    Yes! We offer petite sizing. These items offer shorter sleeves, narrower shoulders, and shorter hems and inseams. We also tag the items as petite for easier sorting.

    Can I return customized or monogrammed items?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer returns on most personalized products. Some custom size dresses will be marked as available for returns but it is often a shorter time period than our standard returns.

    Out of Stock Items

    What if I order something out of stock?

    If you order something out of stock, we will remove the out of stock items prior to shipping your order and your order will be partially refunded. If the item is intended to be back in stock within two weeks we will process your order in that time frame or contacted with our apologies.

    Will you be restocking items listed as sold out?

    If you see an item listed on our site, but the sizes are greyed out or it is listed as sold out, there is a good chance we will get it back in stock. Depending on availability we will do our best to get it back in stock if you let us know you are interested.

    Can I use more than one coupon or discount on my order?

    No sorry and if somehow it processes with more than one, the lower discount code will be removed prior to shipping.


    What is your return policy?

    Please visit our policies page for more information.

    Where's my return/refund?

    If you use one of our return labels or a label from one of our distributors like Amazon or Wabelo it may take up to three weeks to get back to us, if you are located in the United States. Once received, it may take an additional 5-10 non-holiday business days to process your return. We will send you an email with details once the item has been processed. Delivery and process estimates may vary.

    All prices are listed in US dollars.