Get the PERFECT Baby Photos

Get the PERFECT Baby Photos

Get the PERFECT Baby Photos

Of course the perfect photos all start with your photographer. So, go onto a Facebook Mom's group and ask your fellow mommas for suggestions. 

  • Find the right photographer
  • Get Inspired
  • Asked Questions
  • Pick the outfit
  • Choose the day

Once you have a number of photographer suggestions, checkout their portfolio. They may be great photographers but if you don't like their portfolio, chances are you wont be happy. You can also look up inspiration on places like Pinterest to show your photographer and ask them if they think they can match that style.

If you like a certain photographer's style, be sure to ask all the right questions. Like ...

  • How much will your package cost?
  • How many outfit changes do we get?
  • How many people can be in the photo?
  • Can my favorite pet join?
  • What happens if there is bad weather or someone gets sick? Do you charge to change dates?
  • Do I get all my digital photos or is that extra?
  • Do I have to pay for the right to print my photos?

Once you and your ideal photographer agree on terms, you will need to pick a day that works for both of you. You may want to consider weather and lighting if you're doing anything outdoors. That said, if it's for a newborn you may just want to schedule those photos as soon as possible. 

Many photographers have newborn outfits, but you may have a few props or outfits you would like to use. Try to narrow it down and put them in order in case your little one decides they are done modeling for the day. 

Enjoy your memories and good luck!